Eli Bierman ☕️

I'm Eli, a full-stack developer in NYC.

Backend Development

I have built production backend services in Python, Go, Elixir, and TypeScript. I love designing APIs and documenting them well.

Frontend Development

I've built web frontends in Vue, React, and ClojureScript, but semantic HTML and accessibility is at every good web frontend's core.

iOS Development

I'm proficient in Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, and I'm learning SwiftUI. Ask me about my iOS code that lives in the Google Graveyard.

Payments Experience

Many services I've worked on have been payments-related, and I enjoy the challenges that come with building resilient payment systems.

Writing & Teaching

I've written technical blog posts, articles covering the creative coding scene in NYC, documentation for open source projects, and taught workshops on iOS, web development, and git.

Product & UX

On small high-impact teams, I've recruited and onboarded team members, conducted user interviews, written product roadmaps, and delivered great products.


I have built a few open source projects:

depo (code / docs): a library that provides a simplified API for using SQLite in Elixir

savior (code / docs): an experimental immutable NoSQL database library in Python using LMDB

formal.studio (code / docs): a markdown-based CMS built using a custom Elixir web framework

xtal (code / docs): a unified CLI tool written in C for managing multiple git and fossil repositories


I wrote about my ideas on how to write great documentation.

Drawing from my experience as an iOS developer, I wrote a post sharing some lessons developers can learn from Apple.

I also wrote tutorials on setting up a modern Python project and building a static site with Vitepress.

I also wrote some articles about creative coding in NYC for Vice Creator's Project.

Get In Touch

Get in touch by writing to eli@elib.dev and I'd be happy to chat.

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